Richfield Petroleum’s services have been largely concentrated in the production, petrophysics, and transportation side of the Oil and Gas Industry for the past 30 years.

New Direction

The U.S. “share revolution” that accelerated in 2010 has transformed both the U.S. and global oil markets. Domestic production growth and the legalization of crude exports have resulted in over three million barrels per day of light, sweet crude production from shale formation being exported rather than processed in the U.S., adding value and creating employment.

Richfield Petroleum sees a tremendous opportunity in the development and operation of high-tech, efficient refining capacity that can retain a greater share of the hydrocarbon value chain for American workers and investors. We are focusing our resources on the identification of optimal locations for refining facilities, principally in the Texas Gulf Coast region. Our multi-year strategy is to develop projects that can produce the most environmentally friendly transport fuels, such as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and 94 octane gasoline, either for domestic consumption or for the growing demand in Latin American markets where the political or social dynamics make it difficult to develop this energy infrastructure in-country.

Richfield Petroleum will devote the considerable experience of its leadership team to developing a multi-project portfolio of light refining operations that will be amongst the most energy efficient in America and designed specifically to process the light, sweet crude that is currently being exported to foreign markets, and bring the attractive employment opportunities that refining operations can create.


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