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We are mature professional companies that are able to make a significant addition to the success of our clients.

Richfield Petroleum Co., was incorporated in 1984 in The State of Texas by participation of the former Chief Executive officer and President of Core Laboratories, Inc. From its inception, the goal of the company was to provide services in the area of Hydrocarbons logging, Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering and exploration. Since then, the availability and potential of many domestic and international projects has allowed the company to expand, develop divisions and affiliated companies in order to address the opportunities that have been provided in the Oil and Gas industry.

The management and directors of Richfield Petroleum Company and its affiliated companies are individuals that have worked and continue to work in the oil and gas industry. Many of these individuals have worked for both major oil and gas companies as well as smaller independent companies which provides Richfield with a well-diversified management team with the ability to address both domestic issues and opportunities as well as at international locations in the Middle and Far East.

In its over 30 plus years of existence, Richfield Petroleum and Affiliates has executed over 3000 projects which include: engineering consultations; trouble shooting on difficult down-hole problems; development of production facilities plus field construction and erection of topping units.  Richfield holds permits to construct and operate two refineries in the Middle East.

Richfield Petroleum along with another partner formed Excalibur Hydrocarbons, LLC, a Texas Corporation to build a condensate fractionation plant in Texas after completing preliminary engineering and receiving a license from the State of Texas the project was shelved due to feedstock concerns.


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